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adult cartoon fritz the cat - Horny Cat Girl

Apr 14,  · A persiflage on the protest movements of the 60s. Its hero is the bold and sex-obsessed tom-cat Fritz the Cat, as created by the legendary underground artist Robert Crumb. Quitting university Fritz the Cat wanders through the hash, Black Panther and Hell's Angels scenes to find to himself/10(K). Jan 15,  · Fritz The Cat is more for study than entertainment, the way that many find Citizen Kane “boring”, but is a staple of Cinema History courses, and in that way, Fritz The Cat Author: The Thighmaster.

May 22,  · Fritz the Cat is a American adult animated comedy film written and directed by Ralph Bakshi as his feature film debut. Based on the comic strip of the same name by Robert Crumb, the film was the first animated feature film to receive an X rating in the United States.