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adult christian spanking mentor - Mentoring pt2

Adult Discipline (Disciplinarian / protégé / Mentor / mentee) Precisely what this site is trying to expound and explain. In the Adult Spanking venue, Discipline (verb) can refer to the specific action taken by any of the kinds of Tops. Brooks & PJ are absolutely correct. See the old spanking with love site that gives informed and sane advice about adult males spanking girls. This should NOT happen anymore than women ought to be spanking teen males. Gwen may well profit from a few trips over the knee, but it must be her mothers! [ Post a Reply to This Message].

“After I contacted Larry with my question concerning keeping my wife on budget and considering spanking her, he referred me to a husband and wife couple that mentors young Christian couples in living as commanded in scripture. They were quite helpful as we implemented spanking in our marriage. The small Baptist community where Sean and I were raised was like the s. Women didn’t wear pants. Those who worked did so in the church or Christian school. Men were taught to be protectors and providers. We were taught that to disobey our husband was a sin. Wife spanking was like couples kissing. We didn’t talk about it.

Christian Domestic Discipline, "wife spanking," Christian Patriarchy Movement, Spanking of Adult Children, Denominational Practices and teachings *** Two summers ago, I received a phone call from a pastor who shared his growing concern about wife-spanking in his family of churches. Months later, I finally reported on the topic of wife spanking in this article: The Christian. This mentoring is suitable for both males and females. I teach you about the submissive role and the dominate role of Head of The House. 3: Relationship Mentoring For People in a relationship I can mentor both partners or individual partners with all aspects of leading a Domestic Discipline Lifestyle. I have lived this lifestyle for many years.