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Feb 19,  · Second book to my Power Rangers Fanfic. Add to library Discussion BONDED WITH PRISM (re-written) Brody/OC. Completed January 29, Jelena. Fighting for love (Power Rangers) by Sara ♡ K 9 Aubrey hadn't seen Jayden for years, but when they see each other again, will they confess their feelings as wise persons, or will they laugh their heads off, taking abo.

Power Rangers: The White Ranger by Alex Wiggert K 21 This is the story of the movie "Power Rangers" along with a twist of my own: a new addition is with the newly chosen rangers as the White Ranger. "As Power Rangers, you will have access to a universe of power, and command a fleet of fighting machines called 'Zords'." Zordon explained. "I don't get it." said Trini. "Jason, Bold and Powerful you shall command the Tyrannosaurus dinosaur." Zordon explained as Jason moprhed in the red ranger. "Zachary, You are clever and brave.

Power Rangers and Super Sentai crossover fanfiction archive with over 98 stories. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Power Rangers and Super Sentai universe. Welcome to Power Rangers Fanon, The #1 Power Rangers Fan Fiction site on Fandom. Welcome to the Power Rangers Fanon wiki! Here you can create your own series, episodes, or Rangers based on both Power Rangers and Super Sentai. We have over 25, pages here, so make sure to hop in and create your own but only if you're 13 or older. Power Rangers Olympian Force is the featured series .

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers universe, re-tolled with a seventh, Hispanic ranger (the BROWN ranger). He's a loner who keeps to himself, is often disinterested in what the others do and builds . FanFiction | unleash Power Rangers Producer Johnathan Galaxy! Above the Earth, was a space colony called Terra Venture, that was about to leave on a mission to find a new world. It had four large engines at the bottom, and a bunch of domes at the top, including a .