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Anime: InuyashaManga: InuyashaSong: Grip!Song: Love You to Death (Kill Hannah)I DO NOT OWN INUYASHA IN ANYWAY. RUMIKO TAKAHASHI, SHONEN SUNDAY, AND VIZ OWNS. In fact, Rin is HAPPY about Kagura having romantic feelings for Sesshomaru (Rin even tells Jaken that they should trust Kagura more because of this, seemingly trying to get them closer together) and actively ROOTS for Sesshomaru and Kagura to get together in a romantic manner-things that Rumiko Takahashi, who is the absolute Queen of love.

I thought this song was perfect for Sesshomaru and Rin. He found love where he wasn't supposed to:)Anime: InuyashaSong: "I Found" by Amber RunMy Main Vlog C. Always by her side, there’s Lord Sesshōmaru, the Dog Demon Lord of the West who Rin soon learns means more to her than she always thought. They must work together to overcome a new threat and slowly strive for a love that might very well end up becoming timeless and everlasting, surpassing all that came before them.

Aug 16,  · The fact that Rin roots for Sesshomaru to get together with somebody else which means that this isn't a romantic thing in nature but a platonic thing, the fact that Sesshomaru is an adult and Rin is a pre-pubescent child, the fact that they love each other dearly, the fact that he provides for her by bringing her kimonos and protects her, the. Page of "sesshomaru and rin married". MENU. Home; Garden Tips; Garden Tools; sesshomaru and rin married.

Lady Kaede is old and wise, She knows Sesshomaru will be back to visit Rin because anyone who has made the types of sacrifices and shown the type of love Sesshomaru has shown for Rin would never stay away for long, even if he is a demon. However, for many days Rin sulks and sits around in a sad state. Belonging to Sesshoumaru Rin stopped walking instantly when her Lord Sesshomaru stopped and sniffed the area scanning it for any sort of bad youkai lurking around. Many years had passed, Rin knowing she had grown older and yet her master had not aged a bit. She had grown taller, her hair falling to her slender.