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Joseph "Joe" Barbaro is a major character in the videogame Mafia II, in which he appears as the deuteragonist. He is the best friend of protagonist and player character Vito Scaletta and during the course of the storyline the pair plan to rise in the ranks of the mafia and make a lot of money and become successful. Unlike Vito though Joe is not very subtle in his methods and is . AVN's The Greatest Adult Tapes Of All Time. Menu. Movies. Tito gets into trouble with the mafia and is cornered in a dark alley where a gun is pointed at him. In the few seconds before his certain death his world becomes a surreal, psychological landscape of sex and evil.

Violent, mature, and sexual themes abound in these adult manga Manga is incredibly dynamic and seems very liberated in terms of the wide array of subjects and themes it is able to cover, especially in comparison to other similar mediums which have strict limitations placed on them.