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May 04,  · Successfully managing celiac disease as an older adult requires support from a multidisciplinary team. Connecting with professionals and a good support group can help seniors feel better and stay independent, Bast says. “You have to advocate for yourself,” she says. “Be empowered and not ashamed. Some people develop celiac disease as a child, others as an adult. If you have celiac disease, the immune response in your small intestine damages the tiny, finger-like structures of tissue, called villi, that line your small intestine. These villi absorb vitamins, minerals, and .

In many cases celiac disease symptoms in adults can be particular difficult to discern as many adults have slowly become accustomed to subtle discomforts. Among gluten sensitivity issues, celiac disease symptoms remain the most severe and consequential. Unfortunately, they are not easy to identify or understand. Adults are less likely to have digestive symptoms and, instead, may have one or more of the following: anemia a red, smooth, shiny tongue bone or joint pain depression or anxiety dermatitis herpetiformis headaches infertility or repeated miscarriage missed menstrual periods mouth problems such a.

Potential Adult Celiac Triggers by Alex Reis PhD, GFT science writer Celiac disease has a strong genetic component, but it’s curious to note that the two versions of genes associated with this condition are also found in about one-third of the general population.