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Day - i am, in real life, a version of this. tmi. An adult may suck their thumb if they are feeling anxious or stressed. There is no reliable data on how many adults suck their thumbs. However, thumb sucking is common in .

This video was uploaded from an Android phone. I've been sucking my thumb since I was 15, and before I discovered my adult baby side, so the two for me aren't totally exclusive, although I do now see it as a manifestation of my babyishness. (I started out of stress.) I don't do it as much as I used to, and I usually sleep with a pacifier, but I haven't completely given up the habit.

I assumed that the reason I can't find a lot of info on adult thumb suckers is because they're all currently hiding in their homes under blankets, furiously sucking the skin off of their thumb bones. I assumed that, after I admitted to being a thumb sucker, the world was going to consider me a giant baby-man and run me off the Internet for it. Causes of thumb sucking as an adult Adults who suck their thumbs may find that it reduces anxiety and stress, helping them to calm down. It’s possible that some adults who suck .

Adult Thumb Suckers Come Out October 6, / PM / WebMD Thumbsucker, an indie movie that generated a lot of buzz at this year's Sundance Film Festival, is the story of a . Thumb Sucking in Adults. While most children outgrow or stop thumb sucking by the age of 5, some people continue into adulthood. There's little research or data on adult thumb sucking, notes Psychology could be because people .