Two Girls Play Doctor (Rectal Temperature!) - adult with temperature of103.7


adult with temperature of103.7 - Two Girls Play Doctor (Rectal Temperature!)

Sep 29,  · My husband has a fever of , it has been as high as , but I can not seem to get it lower than before it spikes up again. He is coughing pretty bad also. No neck pain or anything with it, but I am worried sick. His doctor said he had the flu and an ear infection and prescribes antibiotics, I personally feel he should go to the ER but he insists on waiting until his doctor is open. When is a fever considered dangerous? Q: My little sister who is 13 years old woke up this morning feeling sick and my mom took her temperature by mouth and it was degrees. 4 hours have now passed and her temperature is degrees.

Aug 27,  · The normal body temperature of a human adult varies between ° C or ° F - ° F or more. The general rules are: Hypothermia, when the temperature is less than 36 ° C/ ° F. - Fever, when the temperature is between ° to ° C/ ° to ° F ·Author: Max. D Gray. Jan 01,  · He could have pneumonia or the flu. Over or degrees is considered a high fever. It's typical for the flu (or bacterial pneumonia or other bacterial infections) to .

May 22,  · my son has a fever of He's had a temperature of since early yesterday but just now reached (). I believe it could be the flu, he's dizzy and feels like vomitting, he's been sleeping. read more. Jan 29,  · The average normal body temperature is most often said to be ° F (37° C). This may have been correct when it was first determined years ago. But our bodies have changed. More recent research suggests that the average adult body temperature is about one .

Dec 11,  · points out that unless the temperature reaches or exceeds degrees Fahrenheit it is not dangerous. When a person has a temperature this high, treatment can be beneficial. When other serious symptoms accompany the high fever, the individual should seek medical attention, especially if attempts at reducing the fever have no effect. Jul 27,  · But, when an adult's temperature begins to spike at degrees F and above, Banner Health reports, that there may be a cause for concern. Duration of Fever Danger A spiking fever can be dangerous and often requires medical intervention, especially if .