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This group was created because the original BBM PINS group had too many persons under the age of So we decided to create a group where persons of age 18+ can share their BlackBerry Messenger PINS. During the Bar Rescue makeover, RG's Lounge was renamed to BARcode. Let's take a look at some information, reviews, and updates of BARcode since Bar Rescue came and made all of the changes to the bar. Reviews: "Bar Rescue" came in and wrecked it, the former "R.G.'s". Renamed the "BARcode", tis now often empty but they are trying to recover.

Create a single course group. On the Groups page, select Create.; In the Single Group list, select Self-Enroll or Manual Enroll.; Type a name and optional description. Make the group visible to students. Select the check boxes for the course tools you want to make available to the group. barcodes just pause the video and scan the barcode with your blackberry!! and enjoy the group!!:p suscribe and enjoy!!

How group work benefits students. Research has shown students can benefit from group work in several ways: Students retain information longer than with other teaching methods. Perspectives from group members offer another opportunity to learn new material. Students have a positive feeling about the course material.