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Carol Gilligan, “In a Different Voice: The perspective that associates the masculine side with adulthood is in her view “out of balance.” (paragraph 3) She then announces the subject of her essay: Conception of adult life affects our conception of development and including both men and women leads to "a reconsideration of the. Carol Gilligan (a professor of education at Harvard) began examining the psychology of moral development as a graduate student. She worked as a research assistant for Laurence Kohlberg, who had produced a "scale" of moral development characterized by three levels (each level having two stages)

3 Carol Gilligan, In a Different Voice: Psychological Theory and Women’s Development (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, ); Carol Gilligan, “Pro- logue” and “Teaching Shakespeare’s Sister: Notes from the Underground of Female Adolescence,” in Making Connections, ed. Carol Gilligan, Nona P. Lyons, and Trudy. Carol Gilligan, psychologist, professor and novelist has been named one of the 25 most influential Americans by Time Magazine, Her work has shown how the inclusion of women and girls’ voices changes the paradigm of psychology, opening up new ways of thinking about education .

Oct 30,  · Carol Gilligan: Moral Development. A community of moles gives shelter to a homeless porcupine. The moles, however, are constantly stabbed by the porcupine's quills. Jun 30,  · Gilligan developed her thinking in response to the stages of moral development outlined by Lawrence Kohlberg, which Gilligan claimed were gender-biased and emphasized an ethics of justice. However, research by other scholars has shown that two moral orientations exist—one towards care and one towards justice.

Carol Gilligan claimed that adolescence is a critical stage in a girl’s development because this is the point where she becomes more aware of the realities around her, . One theorist, Carol Gilligan, found that morality develops by looking at much more than justice. The following will discuss the morality development theory of Carol Gilligan and its implications. Carol Gilligan was the first to consider gender differences in her research with the mental processes of males and females in their moral development.